3 years ago1,000+ Views Maya's Daily Meds - a unique app that will inspire and uplift your . Available in iTunes and SOON on Google Play Here is an example of a daily med (meditation/medicine) “I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.” ~Rumi Searching so long.
 hasn’t made me found,
 with beliefs so strong
 their calls will resound. Voices in my head, 
feelings in my heart,
 to follow, or be led,
 a course I shall chart. So many ways and means 
that will take you there.
 Grow your stalk with beans
 or kneel down in prayer. You can follow,
 you can lead,
 soar or wallow, 
we must proceed. Maya's Daily Meds - through words and art, thoughts for the heart. Available in iTunes and SOON on Google Play.