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U.S. Strikes ISIS Targets in Syria
The arab partner nations and the United States launched the first airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria on Monday, September 21st. After nearly 200 strikes in Iraq, this is the first time the strikes have made their way to Syria. The U.S. military planned to strike up to 20 ISIS targets, including fuel and weapon depots, training sites, troop encampments, command and control centers and the Sunni fighters' headquarters. The strikes are part of a military campaign the Obama administration authorized nearly two weeks ago to "degrade, and ultimately destroy" the ISIS fighters, who have killed thousands of people, beheaded Westerners — including two American journalists — and seized a broad swath of territory along the border of Syria and Iraq.
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It is sad that we have to keep resorting to violence to fight violence, but I feel there is no other way with these people.
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Terrible what they did and what they threaten to do. I guess there is no other way to actually stop them from hurting innocent people. @hunahuna
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I'll be keeping an eye on the news as more information is released. I'm personally very conflicted about the issues and I'm not sure where I fall just yet.
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