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This is a rough translation, might miss here and there but main point is there. Hyuga: I'm Next Innovation's CEO, Hyuga Tohru. Hyuga: Please help me implement Personal File. So give me 500,000,000(?)…(I couldn't catch the number but it's some outrageous amount of $$) will ya? *wink* Board members: What the heck are you saying?!?! Some cool oji-san: Money won't be a problem. :) Hyuga: We started this work because of people who are precious to us. So for the sake of those precious people, let's make it happen. Right here in this place. Asahina: What is he doing? Makoto's friend: If you want to meet Hyuga just meet him. Makoto: I'm trying my best with work here. Hyuga: You guys will be the one to shape our future society Boss to Makoto: We've decided where you'll be transferring to Makoto: Brazil? (probably what she said) Makoto: I love you so much it hurts. Goodbye. Yoko: Are you dumb? How can you not know your own feeling? Hyuga: Eh? Makoto: I'll go to Brazil or wherever! Hyuga: Fine! Go wherever you want! Hyuga: Didn't you call me!!!? !!(I couldn't catch what he said at the end)
i can't resist it... i hope a very very happy ending
thank you pnhq and ayaka!!!
Cant wait for ep 11..I demand SP or movie perhaps? :))
at the airport scene: Hyuga said, "Didnt you say that you'll definitely (kanarazu) answer my calls (denwa)!" "Stop right there! (soko ogoku na!)"
oh thank you both of you!!
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