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Makes 2 cups INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup water 4 teaspoons rooibos 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 1/4 cup milk (I use soy.) 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon honey (optional) EQUIPMENT Saucepan Electric milk frother (or use a French press to froth milk) Tall container (I used the glass from a French press.) or froth in the saucepan. DIRECTIONS 1. Boil water and take off heat. Steep rooibos for about 5 minutes. Add vanilla extract. 2. Heat milk in a saucepan & pour into a tall container. Whisk to create froth. 3. Pour rooibos, then milk into 2 mugs. Add honey as needed. Top with cinnamon. Enjoy!
Yummy, rooibos is the best! I don't drink it all the time (I'm more of a green tea girl myself) but a good red tea always brightens my mood.
I love rooibos tea but I always use almond milk to give it more flavor. @kristenadams Same here.
I only recently tried rooibos and it's delicious, but I've never had it with milk before!
Yessss. I love rooibos tea.