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Codelobster is a portable and free IDE for development with PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. For web, I've mainly used Dreamweaver because I have the Adobe Master Collection, but after discovering Codelobster...I might have a new favorite. It has some great capabilities that, sadly, Dreamweaver does not least from what I know at the moment. I like that there are plugins already included for development. I use Joomla! CMS heavily and have wanted to start learning how to build custom modules and backend components. Codelobster has the plugins for this so I hope I can meet this goal and get started :) Overall, I am impressed with this IDE because it is free. You can get a free trial of their Pro version. If I am correct, you should get the pro version if you want access to all the available plugins. Plus, if all you want is to be able to write and debug your PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript then the free version will be enough. Check it out at: Has anyone used Codelobster before? If not Codelobster, what other IDE do you use for web development? Special thanks to @stasustimenko7 for sharing