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Cold Turkey - An App that Blocks Distractions

Some of you might already know about the StayFocusd Chrome Extension to help block distracting websites like Facebook...but Cold Turkey takes it to the next level. With StayFocusd you can simply open an incognito tab and go on your blocked website...with Cold Turkey it's much harder to break the rules and cannot be easily stopped through task manager. I personally tried out Cold Turkey but found it to be a little buggy. It didn't block all of the websites I listed n the settings. I really wanted to like it, but it didn't completely work. If it is perfected in the future I will consider installing it again. Are any of you using Cold Turkey? How does it work for you? Link:
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This kind of thing never works for me--it actually becomes more of a distraction knowing I can't access my "distraction" sites!!
Something probably a lot of middle schoolers need
ah yes, another way to keep me from procrastinating >< I definitely need this tho
Why didn't I know about these apps last finals season?
This is definitely something I need, but you're right, I'll have to wait for it to be less buggy.
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