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Woah, how did I miss this starting?! I've watched all of Emma Approved (albeit, I was also late on that one) and watched The Lizzie Bennett Diaries and Sanditon while they were ongoing! I'm really excited to see how this vlog adaptation of Frankenstein is going to work out. Because we are leaving Jane Austen behind, I think that we will for sure feel some major differences! I had wondered just how they were going to manage this before the series started, so now it's time to find out! Every tale done by Pemberly so far has been a quirky coming-of-age tale, so I'm so confused on how that will work into this darker story. Guess we'll find out? Anyways, for those who don't know what this is: Frankenstein, MD will take the story Frankenstein (well, roughly) and turn it into a web series. Each week two episodes release on Youtube--kind of like a web drama. On to the first episode! As I was watching, I really liked the intensity and almost--too intense--feeling that we got from Victoria Frankenstein. Her gaze is so strong, determined and clearly convinced that she knows what she was doing. One thing I was questioning the whole time, though, was the legitimacy of the science involved--I really don't know enough to know if what she's telling me is true! Since it was created by Hank Green, Bernie Su and so many other brilliant minds, though, I have to think that they would have made sure their science checked out (unless this series takes a magical route, but I find that highly unlikely considering the realness we usually see in the vlogs from PDigitial). The real kicker for me when learning about Victoria's character, though, was A) that she's not actually an MD yet and insists on calling herself one and B) that she doesn't freak out AT ALL when Iggy kills himself (literally). Something is definitely a little freaky in her brain....she just got MORE cocky and revived him. Mind you, not even that quickly. I'm really excited to see what the next episode will be like!
@timeturnerjones oh awesome! I can't wait to watch and see what you think c:
whoa whoa whoa how did I miss this?!?! thanks for posting about this @timeturnerjones, are you gonna be doing one for each episode?
@AgentCory Hey!!! yeah I am. I'm a little slow catching up but thats the plan.