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I can’t say that I agree with all of them, mostly because I haven’t seen all of them, but some of these are spot on and so disappointing! And as a warning these will include spoilers! ● True Blood Sookie allows and even helps Bill kill himself so she can live a normal life. Not what I’m looking for in a romance! ● How I Met Your Mother Largely agreed upon as one of the worst television finales ever, what more can I really say about it. Truly disappointing. ● Dexter Although I’ve never seen it, apparently Dexter runs off to become a lumberjack. I’m guessing it doesn’t make any more sense in context. ● Gossip Girl This is one I actually disagree with personally, although there are plot holes Dan as the infamous Gossip Girl works very well and makes a lot of sense. And really, Blair getting her fairy tale ending is all I could ever ask for! ● The Sopranos Again, this is one I haven’t seen but I have to wonder what happened that the most fans were wanting to know is whether someone’s cable went out or not. ● Lost I both agree and disagree. It’s not clear at what point the characters did die, so some of the events did really happen to them, while some were a journey through purgatory. For me the ending was interesting, even if it was a little disappointing. ● Weeds Jumping ahead eight years really broke apart the story and disrupted the organic nature of the show. ● Seinfeld The show that prided itself on being about nothing tried to be about something and flopped. It’s not only disappointing it’s sad. ● Big Love Another I didn't watch, but it sounds like more character story lines were left unfinished and ambiguous than were resolved, making it seem unfinished even at the finale. ● Desperate Housewives Ghosts.