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y are ppl commenting so negatively listen to what she has to say it just makes me think ppl commenting on this seriously didn't even hear her speech just started commenting reading the title how ignorant can we all really be sometimes i completely respect her and she definitely did her research and gender equality is huge problem i can surely relate even in US pakistan, india, korea Asia all around the world how women still looked down upon she addressed it in her own way and people judge her once again this world really i don't know what to say anyways what r your thoughts everyone
She had me from the moment that she said feminism isn't about hating men... that has been the problem in the past which has prevented men from taking this seriously enough.
Emma I Love U
People are haters!!!
reason number 537 why I love Emma Watson!!! she's sooo amazing, and this is so well said too c:
Emma brings up some good points. It's not a battle against men, we are all in this together, and the sooner we realize that the better.