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Alright on to Ep. 2! I'm sort of marathoning these 1 per day until I catch up to the current air date! 0:06 Before I forget, I have to mention that I love that she gave such specific instructions on "sleek but understated" for her title bar in EP01! So hilarious; and its inclusion helps us see her decisiveness. Let's hope no one dies, this time. 0:39 Oh god poor Iggy....why is he recuperating?! Was it that bad?! Of course she cuts him off though; seems like Iggy is the over-used assistant? It's been so long that I have read Frankenstein that I can't think of how they're adapting the characters, but I don't want to reread until its over because I kind of like not knowing! 0:58 I just noticed how great the music is at keeping me kind of on edge? It feels very horror story/circus-y. I don't think I trust Victoria; her experiments freak. me. out! 1:34 "Actual Doctor." Nuff said. 1:58 Ooohhhooo expelled?! Well, to be fair, Victoria, you have been performing some scary stuff....Kemp sounds like a jerk, though. 2:45 Yep, Victoria is a know it all. I have a feeling she's going to learn that lesson the hard way.... 3:20 Let's hope she doesn't kill him, too. That'd be unfortunate. Also, when can we meet Robert? 4:30 Why are you trying to be sensible to her? I think you know she is far too absorbed in her ideas--and her theories!!--to listen! It's only EP02 the girl isn't gonna learn. 5:12 She was....going to? What happened to Victoria's mom? The plot thickens! (Though the artificial blood might not....) 6:06 Huh, so his words did get to her. It surprises me to see her showing weakness/shock over his accusations so early. It really makes me think she must be upset about something else (and that might be her mom?) 6:21 "Everything is impossible, until someone figures out a way to do it." 6:28 AND OF COURSE SHE MEANS HERSELF. Oh I'm too excited for the next episode, hahah, Victoria is surely going to provide some more fun. I like that the science in this episode felt very /real/ but also wasn't beyond the imagination! I hope that we can continue with that thread. I don't mind if some impossibilities are included, but I want them to be imaginable, even if imagined as "likely impossible-ish." Does that make sense?
@AgentCory It does! It definitely is "harder," but also that is what makes it so nervous! Frankenstein the book version doesn't freak me out that much mostly bc it seems so implausible now, but this kind of science explanation makes me nervous because it seems so realistic. Even if its not.
Second by second commentary I love it!!! I like the sort of homage to the original story. Cause like the book is some serious science fiction, so making this science sort of still very "hard" I think is a good way to interpret the book (hope that makes sense).