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Alright, letting ep.3 load now! According to its description: "Victoria demonstrates the difference between anaesthetic and paralytic agents." Here we go! 0:11 Good to know she's helping me get much, much smarter. 0:42 And now we are getting a drug talk. What is she going to do to Eli and Rory?! 1:05 He is so....oh. 1:35 Yes, Victoria, don't let Rory speak any reason! That's what worries me about Victoria....yay for safely pushing scientific limits, and even rebelling a bit, but be safe about it!! 2:00 Yeah I hate those little cups too Eli hahahahah who doesn't?! I love that she shamelessly called them guinea pigs to their face and ignored any objections they raised. She's acting like what I can now call "Typically Victoria." 2:41 There is something terrifying about Victoria talking about Paralytics and Anesthetic agents..... 3:20 OK so yes that was useful I really love learning about the anesthetics I've been under before (and wondered about! I knew it wasn't just anesthesia) but now I'm so scared to see what she has done to them. 4:00 "Why didn't you paralyze Eli?" Great question hahaha, though he seems pretty bad off too... 5:15 This is making me so nervous!!! She cannot kill anybody else please ;;; I know Iggy is fine but still. 5:45 Phewwwwwwwwwwww 6:12 Victoria has a....charming flirty side? Well that was unexpected! Hmmmmmm 6:35 Dear lord Victoria you scare me!
@AgentCory She is a LOT to handle. I'm not sure how I like her yet.
Saaaame I love this but Victoria had me like O_________O;