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this tuesday reply 1997 comes to an end.. but this show has made a place in my favourite shows.. simply because it was "simple".. it had a pinch of everything..and the best part was real.. i could relate to having friends and my first crush.. i laughed with them and cried with them.. i could feel the show.. despite how it end (i'm rooting for yoonjae!!) this show had the innocence of teenage years and it actually depicted the real essence of growing up.. that we don't just suddenly grow up.. it is a gradual process... with several falls and bumps..we finally find what we really desire... and growing up doesn't really mean becoming a different person.. it's just a better version of you..and the child in you is always there.. hidden but present..sometimes bursting out to show it's presence.. and this is why i love this drama.. it reminded me of my teenage and has given me hopeful anticipation for my growing years.. i will miss the show.. why we love this make it simple, in bix2anca's word..because of the GOAT sound!! :D to all answer me 1997 lovers, please share why you love this show?
true bix2anca.. plus they made a story thinking about us.. so how can we not like it..a good story is not one we can fantasize or daydream's the one we can relate too.. here the story and the acting touched our hearts..and we could not help but love them
There is a saying :'"Fans are making the star" Think a little bit at this drama: in the first place they announced 8 episodes under the question mark; but fans, their contribution, made this drama so popular.... You can compare fans better with an elevator: they go up and down with a star fate. deciding who's on top and who's...forgotten...
i just put the goat sound as my text tone..and everyone in my class had a hearty laugh.. nobody really knows the story behind it..i'm the only k-drama addict... but my friends lol-ed a lot
you are all welcome!
Bix2Anca, shared with my gal pals over at CarrotBlossom Patch =) and of course provided recognition.
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