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Okay, now that I have your attention, here is a short feature on interactive media/web designer Franky Aguilar and his crazy (and a little addictive) collage app, Catwang. I mean, really, where else can you turn your grandmother into a unicorn or throw pink-frosted donuts at your friends?
I am laughing at the title. You got me!
@greggr It is! And what I like the most about Franky's company is they've produced an assortment of these 'sticker photobooth' apps that feature the work of different artists, so if you don't like Franky's really acidic colors and floating cat heads, chances are they've got an app with a different artist's personal art style you might prefer. (Personally, Catwang's Halloween app is my favorite.)
You all should stop introducing me to these apps; my kids are getting tired of our family chat so quickly!! Screencaps galore are being sent their way. Is this one as easy to use at it looks? @danidee