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You’ll need: 5 uncoated aspirin tablets 1 teaspoon witch hazel 1 teaspoon honey Crush the aspirin tablets in the witch hazel and then combine those two ingredients with honey. Organic plain yogurt can be substituted for the honey if you are looking for more exfoliation.
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What if I added yogurt AND honey?
Aspirin? Hmm, this sounds really interesting.
@kristenadams Aspirin actually works the same as salicylic acid (a chemical that most acne product uses)!
@stargaze @csgeek They sell it at most grocery stores! If it's not in the beauty section, it's probably in the first aid section where you would get hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol. It's used for scrapes and burns too!
you can get witch hazel at dollar general or family dollar usually for $1.00 its next to the alcohol and peroxide.