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You hear something moving around your campsite at night, but you're petrified inside your tent and stay very, very still instead of taking a peak. In the, there are tracks left in the snow all around your tent, but you can't recognize the footprint. What should you do? Well, first off, don't panic! It left you alone, didn't it? Most animals just smell something new, or get curious as they are passing through. And then I assume you're going to want to know what it is was. Here's how to ID that track! 1) Bring a guide with you! The types of animals you may encounter differ by season, climate and region. The best way to identify tracks in the field is to carry a small, light guide with you. There's a ton available, find one for the area where you live or plan to travel. 2) There's of course the chance that you didn't bring one with you. That's okay! Snap a picture with your phone, then, when you have cell reception again, Google, "[region], [season] tracks" or some derivation thereof. If your picture is really clear, you might be able to use Google's reverse image search to identify the tracks. If not, some fancy searching of animals you think it might be along with your region should bring up some pictures you can compare to until you find your culprit!. And that is how you can decode what animal was trekking in your camp :)
This definitely just inspired me to google 'chupacabra tracks'. I'm prepared now.
I love that one of the tips is "google it." Hahah!! Absolutely genuis.
Not panicking is key. These are fabulous tips @happyrock. Thank you.