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This is a Daily Med Mayas Daily Meds - Now in iTunes and will be available in early October for Google Play movement in stillness - Click there is movement in the stillness of a hummingbird So now I know what you were doing last night. Moving so slow, a quiet gaze without any flight. On the fence top, looking outward bound, felt my heart drop when the answer's found. But to see you there, just sitting still. So beautiful, and rare, was my greatest thrill. In silent reverie, express fond farewell. Imprinting each memory onto every living cell Slowbeat your heart, as these moments occur. Your long journey to chart, feathers once more a blur. I wish you every grace, on your winged quest. Return to this sacred space, may we be so blessed. This is a Daily Med Mayas Daily Meds - iTunes and soon Google Play an app for your body, heart, mind and soul - through words and art come thoughts for the heart.. Have you discovered Maya's Daily Meds yet?