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Public outcry over what? A Colombian women's cycling team kit supposedly made the women look partially naked. The IDRD-Bogotá Humana-San Mateo-Solgar team members felt the needed to stage a press conference on Thursday to defend its controversial attire. Angie Tatiana Rojas is a team member and the kit's designer. Rojas said that photographs spread on social media after the team unveiled the uniform at the Tour of Tuscany in Italy. Rojas claims that the pictures were misleading. The patch of fabric covering the rider's crotch and midriff is gold, not nude as the photo made it appear. To me, honestly, it does look like a strange design. Not the that it looks skin toned at first glance, but that the gold kind of clashes with the rest of the kit. Also the placement of the gold is kind of unsettling, it kind of disrupts the flow of the rest of the kit. I personally see nothing wrong with the kit. I don't particularly like the design, but that's just personal opinion. If they like them then more power to them.
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interesting design... I think someone messed around with the contrast with the original pic because it Def looks gold. wtf is the big deal?