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Almost a year gone from our last visit to Maldives. But this November we'll be there again! That's why I decided to show the one of our previous shoots. Very nice couple invited us to spend one weekend on a gorgeous island in a luxury hotel. This photoset is a part of the result. All accessories you can see on pics are handmade (different seashells, red and white corals and pearls). The rest of the set you can find on a link attached. Press LIKE if you did, comment, clip and share!)))
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@Acetaker thank you very much! we wish you a happy marriage!
@inTropics TY...I have found my soul-mate,after yrs. of waiting. I can say that my heart it finally filled and healed from his LOVE! My mother told me yrs. ago that I would find, MY ONE TRUE LOVE,and he could be right in front of me...but until it was meant to be I wont see him. After all he was! :) I can tell anyone that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow,and mine was The One I feel in Love with at First Sight!! :) Yes,it does still happen,no matter how badly your heart has been broken and you never think that you can Fall in Love again. ♡♡♡DREAMS DO COME TRUE!! ♡♡♡
@Acetaker u said greatly and emotionally! i am so glad when i meat people with a such an attitude and opinion! God bless those mothers who nurtured and educated us like that!
@inTropics God Bless....U r soo correct!!
@Acetaker will we get any news from you and your soulmate for now? how was your chapel? it is more than 6 months already? share us some pics pls!)