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why buy it. when you can get a portable charger. what happens to the device you used to charge your phone with. does it still have a charge.
although the watch to phone charging interchange is completely possible, it's probably more practical to use the phone to charge your watch only...in this example. a more usable application would be to use your phone or tablet to charge the other, or other accessories like bluetooth headphones or a watch. I could only see this being useful in emergency type situations where your phone is going dead and you don't have a means to charge it, like while travelling on a flight.
The other thing I'm worried about is, will it work both ways? they advertise it as "you can charge the watch with the phone or the phone with the watch" but I don't see how that would be possible. The phone has a much larger and more powerful battery than the watch; if you were to try to charge the phone with it, wouldn't it completely drain the watch before it could provide enough power to even make one call with the phone?
@RusselWilson Ah, I see what you mean. I mostly meant I was a little confused by the feature but moving forward we'll see just how practical it is!
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