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omgomgomg so sorry this is kinda late I wasn’t able to watch the premiere in real time but I’ve watched it now so here’s my official THOUGHTS, REACTIONS, AND REVIEW! If you’re watching Gotham please feel free to comment with your thoughts (even if you disagree I’d love to talk about it :D ) and I can even tag you in my card for the next episode! SPOILER WARNING!!! First let’s just get it out of the way I. FREAKING. LOVED. IT!!!!! I was excited about it before and now watching it is just so cool I’m like aldskfj yeah so excited love it love it love it! I was curious how Bruce still being a kid and the show being focused on young Gordon would work but I think it actually worked really well. I like how they’re making Gordon a lot actually (plus he’s super cute!). Really want to see what they do with Baby Catwoman too, I kinda love the idea of her and Bruce growing up together kinda. Also I def thought that the mugger was gonna shoot Bruce but Catwoman was gonna swoop in and save him and it would be this big thing but it wasn’t so yeah. Also back to Gordon I love the bad cop “good cop” thing between Gordon and his partner (don’t remember his name), even if he was kinda lame being corrupt and all I think he and Gordon will work well together. There were SO MANY characters in this episode too and it was really subtle so you wouldn’t know them unless you already know Batman stuff. NIGMA!!! OMGGGGG NIGMA!!!!! also Oswald is like this poor ball of pathetic and I just want to hug him lol OH and Baby Ivy tooooooo so adorbs! Also idk if that was supposed to be Joker towards the end Mama Catwoman (srsly who even is she she ROCKS!!!) kept making a big deal out of him being funny so idk. And lastly Alfred was a total BAD ASS! as he should be. At the end of the episode Gordon was all freaked out and Alfred was just let “get your fool ass down here now!” and it was perfect. SO YEAH I’m super duper freaking stoked about this and really excited for next week!!! Pictures are from