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Everyone on the internet is talking about the new iPhone 6 plus bending. This is old news, according to an article I read over at Cult of Mac. The claim that the iPhone 5s/5/4s, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z1, Lumia 925, BlackBerry Q10, HTC EVO 4G LTE have all had bending issues. Basically, their argument is that if you bend a smartphone, then it will bend. Still, I feel that the latest bend test on the iPhone 6 plus is not the same as previous phones. Many people carry their phones in their pockets, it's not exactly rough use. What do you think? Are people just Apple shaming the new iPhone 6 Plus or is this really a big design flaw? Source:
This kind of phones would be great if it can be taken more easier. No one would like to take another small bag for it. Whatever, it can be attractive enough to help Samsung and other phone makers make better phones for us.
That's so interesting, I've never heard of phones before the 6 bending. Perhaps this model just bends a LOT easier than other. Hmmm
Apple Just wants to be like LG lol
@kristenadams I didn't either! I agree with you, I still think the bending of the 6 plus is a little too much @ ZhuHao Yes, I think the bigger size of some of these phones is a reason why they are breakable/bendable