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Still have some more broken terra cotta pots? Reuse them! With these pots, we can make "miniature gardens" inside! Whether you like fairy gardens or just a difficult kind of miniature garden, you can set it up inside the pot. If you don't have a broken pot, you would need to use a tile or other strong cutter to make these edges, and then seal it well. 1 - Create a layer of stones on the bottom for drainage and fill 1/3 of the pot with soaked soil. 2 - Place a large potsherd as a wall in the middle of the pot and fill the space with soaked soil. 3 - Place small potsherds as the steps of the stairs in a half circle around the main potsherd. 4 - Fill the top of the flower pot with succulent plants and cover the dark soil with moss. 5 - Decorate the garden with tiny rooted succulents cuttings and all kinds of natural treasures.
@AgentCory Very cool!! Looks like a weird hobbit house....vaguely. Thanks for showing me XD
great idea! love these. you should make like a smurf condo lol
Omg this is so cool! @pixiedust have you seen this? Actually I think @timeturnerjones would like it too!
My kids have a fairy garden in the backyard where their old sandbox used to be. Perhaps we can put a mini fairy garden in their current one :)
These are so beautiful--I never really liked the idea of fairy gardens, but the ones in the terra cotta pots seem better than those that take up a huge space of gardne.