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Boy group VIXX who is riding on the uptrend has confirmed their comeback in October, aiming to enter the top class. On the 25th, according to a broadcast official VIXX confirmed their comeback for October 14th, and are currently organizing their schedule for comeback promotions in the third week of October. At around the same time BEAST and other popular comebacks have been scheduled, so how VIXX, who has started to ride the uptrend, will overcome the competition has garnered attention. Last June, VIXX won #1 on music programs to which the members responded modestly, “With this #1, rather than VIXX has become more known with the public, we know well that it was thanks to our fans who supported us so passionately.” With this comeback, it will surely capture the public’s attention. So far every time VIXX has come back, it has been concepts that became hot topics such as vampires. This time VIXX has the determination to appear as the ‘concept boss’. [T/N: ‘끝판왕’ refers to the last and strongest boss in a game] The word is that they are preparing for a concept that nobody has ever tried before, and is also the strongest concept since their debut. Therefore, they will be focusing all their attention for these comeback promotions. Meanwhile, Hongbin has been appearing on SBS ‘Glorious Day’, Leo and LYn released a duet song, and Ken has been appearing in MBC Every1 ‘Boarding House No. 24’, finishing up their individual activities. Last July they held their concert, and in August finished up their concert in Japan, securing themselves as the next generation leaders of K-POP. Source: OSEN via Naver Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx
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