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Sometimes, you just don't have the space to garden! Building a vertical garden can take advantage of that space, and still let you grow many, many beautiful plants! The video on slide 1 will teach you how to set up a basic vertical garden, but why limit yourself to that one idea for your yard! Instead, why not make a vertical garden for your patio? If you prefer to not have to add the cardboard and make all those other additions, you can instead use pallets to build a standing garden! The images through 2-4 show these gardens. While this definitely takes up more space than the video's vertical pallet, it also can act as a beautiful decorative piece for the patio or yard! In this card, for a cute outdoor seat! You can fill it with all sorts of herbs, and have them easy to access right on your patio. No need to climb out through the mud on a rainy day :)! And, if you put it on two wheels with side supports, it can be rolled around the patio as needed. The full instructions can be viewed by following the link :)
@fallingwater This might do the trick!
This is great!!! My mom is always complaining about how little space she has because of the houses behind ours; I think these will help her feel like she can grow even more without overworking the soil!