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Rotoworld has released their friends and family mock draft for the 2014 season. The season will kick off soon so it's time to start preparing for the upcoming fantasy season! Here are some thoughts from the mock: Kawhi Leonard - Round 1 Pick 10 While I can understand the reasoning for taking him in the first, I will admit that it's too risky for me. Yes Kawhi finished 20th last season after a lackluster first half, but will Popovic finally give him the keys to the team for the full year? Without a little more offense, I don't think Kawhi can make it into the first round. I'm taking Westbrook, Cousins, or Aldridge instead. Wait for Kawhi in round 2. Michael Carter Williams - Round 2 Pick 23 Wow this is early. MCW finished last season ranked 88th and yes he puts up big numbers but you also have to take in his low percentages and high TOs. The team is atrocious and he already had the keys to the team last year. While he will get better, I am definitely not picking him over Lowry, Dragic, or Conley. Demar Derozan - Round 5 Pick 55 This is a good spot for Derozan who finished last season 50th. I would not hesitate to pick him in the 4th. Guys like Gordon Hayward (68th) and Bradley Beal (98) were picked over him but I think that's a mistake. Derozan outproduced them last year and was far more reliable. Jonas Valanciunas - Round 7 Pick 82 Enes Kanter, Nikola Pekovic, and Robin Lopez were all picked before Balanciunas and I think thats a big mistake. Yes the big Lithuanian can be a huge headache but I think this is the year he finally breaks out in a big way, especially with what he has shown in the FIBA. Danilo Gallinari - Round 11 Pick 125 A boom or bust player, I think Gallinari is definitely worth the risk to be picked much earlier. I'm comfortable taking him in Round 9 or 10 where you're likely to get a role player. What are your thoughts on some of the picks? Comment below!
@Goyo Yeah Pau is now falling in the 6th round which could be really good value
If Gasol falls to the 3, I would definitely look for him... I also expect in some drafts to see Pau slip a bit due to his "down" season last year... actually statistically he had a better season lol
For a sleeper I really like Markieff Morris and Draymond Green
@Goyo I'm pretty low on bargnani. If I can get Kawhi in the 2nd I am definitely targeting him. I'm also going to target Horford or Marc Gasol in the 3rd/4th round. I feel like they are falling because of their past injuries.
@rockethakeem I am probably gonna target someone like Klay Thompson and Wall... I would also want to pick Bargnani in the late rounds, as I think he will have a bounce back year and u?
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