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Say hello to the Mexican cucumber, the most adorable fruit (or is it a vegetable?)! These little fruits are about the size of a big, big grape! But they look like mini watermelons because of their oval shape and variegated green colors. But what do they taste like?! It should be said up front: The Mexican sour gherkin is technically not a cucumber. The genus Cucumis contains lots of familiar crops, including gourds, but only one species, Cucumis sativus, is considered a cucumber proper. The Mexican sour gherkin belongs to another genus entirely, Melothria. So it’s not a real cucumber but an honorary one. And that's alright with me! But let's not call them mouse melons, okay? They also taste nothing like a watermelon! They are also called cucamelons, and they possess a savory taste, exactly like traditional cucumbers but with a hint of tangy lemon flavor. The firm, crunchy exterior gives way to a soft, gel-like center that's lined with seeds. You can find them at farmers markets between late July and September, or, you can grow them yourselves! Additionally, fresh Mexican cucumbers can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. My favorite way of eating them is adding them to salads: sliced in half, they add the perfect crunch! You can also pickle them or add them to a batch of salsa. The gherkin tastes even better than it looks, mildly and lemony, and is eaten without peeling. You could also sautee them briefly with oil and garlic and serve them as a vegetable. And, I didn't say it, but I heard they taste great in gin!
These are adorable! Good thing I love cucumbers just as much as I love watermelons :)
I wish there's a farmers market where I live. These looks delicious.
Ahhh they have these at the Whole Foods salad bar and I always load up on them. They're so cute.
These are so cute! Too bad about them being not sweet but that might by tasty anyway who knows c: