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This can definitely be accomplished with a spoon as well, but I like the way a nice antique fork looks in the garden! They'll also make the perfect gift for any garden lover you know :) Supplies -Forks -Rubber Mallet -2 Pieces of wood -36" Piece 1/8" Steel Letter Number Stamping Set -Hammer -Permanent Black Marker (the thinner, the better!) -Rubbing Alcohol -Cotton Balls Directions: 1. Place fork face down between two pieces of wood and hit with a rubber mallet to flatten the spoon. 2. Remove the piece of wood on top, and continue to flatten the fork until you are satisfied with the shape. 3. Choose desired plant name and stamp the letters into the fork using a hammer. 4. Fill in letters with a permanent marker. 5. Using a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol wipe away excess markings. And that's it! Way easier than I thought it would be to accomplish, and a beautiful touch to any garden! Check out the images for some inspiration :) You could also stamp the handle instead of the fork head, if you want! Or, bend in a few of the prongs!
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I love this idea, especially if you find some really beautiful antique spoons :)
This is such a cute idea!! :)
they are so cute! :)
I think these would look really cute if you use colors other than black, too! Less vintage but more colorful :)
These would also just be cool for use at a cafe or something, not even in the garden!