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Five Of My Favorite Animes

This video is really old (I mean REALLY old, look at my hair! XD ) but I still love all of these shows and highly recommend them. ★ Ouran High School Host Club ★ The protagonist Haruhi is a scholarship student at a prestigious high school Ouran Academy. On Haruhi's first day at Ouran while trying to find a quiet place to study, instead finds the Host Club and after breaking a vase becomes indentured to them. ★ Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex ★ AND ★ Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig ★ The Major is a bad ass woman with a cybernetic body who works for a secret government organization that is, on occasion, hired to do super secret bad ass shit like killing people. It's better then my words can describe. Think some crazy combination of The West Wing and Alias. ★ Kaisho wa Maid Sama! ★ As seen in the video, Misaki is the first female student council president to what used to be an all boys academy. Her goal is to force the 80% male population into submission to allow the female population to grow. BUT BY NIGHT she works at a Maid Cafe. Then the really hot guy that everyone at school admires comes in and discovers her. DUN DUN DUN! ★ Baccano! ★ Follow this ensemble cast of rival gangs as they come together to survive a very eventful train ride, and all the events that lead them to that point and those that follow that event. It dances around in time a lot. A LOT. ★ Asura Cryin' ★ The protagonist, Tomoharu is haunted by his childhood friend who died in a plane crash. With the help of two demon girls, some giant mechas, several student councils, and a mechanically enhanced girl with guns in her legs, Tomoharu must save the world. ☆ Umineko no Naku Koro ni ☆ Totally amazing show and ALSO one of my favorites. It falls in the same universe as Higurashi and follows a family gathering on a private island (closed circle syndrome) when suddenly people start dying. Mystery, intrigue, and hilarity ensue. Super dark and gory, but awesome
omg I know one of these! some friends of mine watch Ouran! no idea what it's about but I know the name!
yeh I get what you mean about ouran because it's so popular, but it's still great! I really like umineko actually, and asura cryin' sounds interesting
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