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Ingredients: 1 cooked chicken breast, shredded 2 tbsp soured cream, plain yogurt or mayo 2 tsp pesto 2 thin slices mild cheese, such as Edam 2 flour tortillas handful chopped red pepper or sweetcorn kernels lettuce leaves Method : 1- Mix together the shredded chicken, soured cream, yogurt or mayonnaise with the pesto. Season. 2- Lay a slice of cheese on each wrap, then divide the chicken mixture between them. Sprinkle with red pepper or sweetcorn, then top with the lettuce leaves. Be careful not to overfill or it will be tricky to contain all the filling. Wrap and roll each one, then pack in a lunchbox or tightly wrap in foil.
This sounds awesome!
I love sandwiches that mix pesto and mayo. I'd probably add tomatoes in here though!