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This is such an amazing music video! When I first watched the video (shared by my friend on FB) I thought it was some sort of students' animation project showing off their love of apple devices! Once I found the music video link, I was so impressed! This band (Brunettes Shoot Blondes) came up with the idea for this music video that is played out interactively on the screens of many phones and tablets, while the sounds of "Knock Knock" plays behind. That takes some crazy planning and awesome coordination, but the final product is so great! Check out the images on 2-5 for some of the planning images from the initial stages of the process!
That's really cool!!!
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How much did they have to practice to get this down haha
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This is amazing!! And I'm diggin the song; thanks for the find!
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Very cool; I have seen a few videos in this style, but nothing as intricate as this one.
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