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I have to tell a secret, please don't read this if you can't keep it. I Love You. I haven't told you because i don't have you, and if I had you then this love I have, I would show you and telling you would not be needed, and there would be no need for secrets to keep, but this secret, I ask for you to keep it. I confessed my Love for you before God, and he thought it good. He asked if I could love you for eternity, I showed him my plans on how I forever would. He smiled and gave his blessings. While I was busy in Heaven praying, someone else gave you their heart. I stand at the gates of Heaven, holding in my hands the plans on how to love an Angel. So I have a secret do not read if you can't keep it. I Loved You. The sands of time, make disappear these plans of mines. I see now you have a shadow and she looks just like you, and by the way she hugs you, I see she really Loves you. Although I will never have you, my Love shines through the heart of this one that needs you. Rashaad the Prince of Kings
I love the opening so much
I love it...
The repetition of "I have a secret, don't read it if you can't keep it" and variations of it really made me feel as if I was intruding on a story that I had no part in, but also curious to know what would come of it all. Good work @AhmadBlack
I like the first part verses second parts mirroring of "I Love You" and then 'I Loved you." Interesting!
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