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The Best of #ElderlyWebsites

The late night game show Midnight on Comedy Central hosts a weekly game show on their twitter as well! Basically, they tweet a hash tag and you tweet in your favorite ideas! This week, they did #ElderlyWebsites, and I seriously cannot stop laughing. Take a look at that tag and you will be on the floor. For all of you, I've screencapped my absolute favorites: what can you come up with? All you have to do is take the name of a website, and make it elderly! Give it a go in the comments :)
@timeturnerjones I'm waving my cane at these little brats!!
@danidee I think a lot of them deserve a big booo....there was one that said "parkinsons and recreation." not funny!! @caricakes yelp! me too
@danidee Hahahahaha
Oh no the Yelp one made me CACKLE.
Deviant Arthritis. Booo.
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