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I came across this here Ultraskiff 360: claims to be the perfect 1 person fishing contraption. I guess we can just call it a watercraft, its not quite boat not quite kayak. I think that someone who doesn't own a boat would LOVE to get their hands on one of these Ultraskiff 360s. While it's a pretty amazing idea, will it really work? Even though it gets you out there and provides you access to spaces you might otherwise not be able to reach, it still doesn't seem very sturdy. Plus, the manufacturers recommended price is $1,199.99. much cheaper than a full size boat, but I'm not sure it's worth that price. This video proves nothing about how sturdy it is? I mean.. it could be garbage with just a bit of sea lol... The largest wave in this vid.. is like.. 5 cms tall s: so you can only use this when the weather is like extremely quiet? I saw that they did do a wake test (see the second video) but if you get caught in unexpected conditions you're going to be in over your head much faster than you would be on a boat. While it's pretty freaking cool, I'm not sold. What do you think @yakwithalan? Would you take this over a kayak?
@mcgraffy yeah I mean it can pull in tight spots but it doesnt seem like it really has enough advantages if you already have a boat or something
I think id rather have a kayak. seems like a pretty interesting idea but also just very.....why? why would I need this?