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This game is so impossibly addicting! Forget 2048, Blendoku and all those other games because this one is SO. MUCH. MORE. addicting!! Basically, you have to click the block that is a different color, and get as far as you can through the levels. No matter how many times I play on my phone I can't get past level 33! On the computer I can only get to 30 :( Can anyone beat me? Leave your score in the comments!! http://game.ioxapp.com/color/
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Got to Level 41. No problems!!!
3 years ago·Reply
I managed to get to 35! my eyes kind of hurt but I got there!
3 years ago·Reply
@SherriHamiter wow!! haha awesome. Teach me!! @AgentCory It's rough...I seriously couldn't stop blinking.
3 years ago·Reply
got 43.. and my friends on 47.. addicted but hurts..
3 years ago·Reply
@ReginaTheodora You're seriously doing way better than me....I've managed to take a break but I think I'm going to start playing again.
3 years ago·Reply