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Starting September 27th, Alcatraz Island in San Francisco will be hosting a major Ai Weiwei exhibition. The legendary prison is an interesting location for art in general, but also creates the perfect setting to enhance the Chinese artist's message about human rights and the freedom of expression, especially in regards to confinement and restriction to one area. (Ai Weiwei, for example, has constantly been arrested and, most famously, put on an extended house arrest for using his work to criticize his government and China's history.) The exhibit will clearly challenge viewers to think about more social implications of his work.
I love Ai Weiwei! His instagram is great!
I would love to go see this. Hope I can squeeze a trip to San Francisco in soon.
@kristenadams I love watching art documentaries on Netflix! I'll have to watch it! And @peppermintt.. of COURSE he has an Instagram! I shouldn't even be surprised.
I recently watched a documentary on Weiwei on netflix. He has a very interesting outlook on life. Very brave!