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To commemorate the 125th anniversary of Vincent van Gogh's death (delicately phrased as 'the 125 years of inspiration'), a Dutch company will be producing a full-length musical to open in Amsterdam next year. Martine Willekens, spokeswoman for the Van Gogh Europe Foundation, said the aim of the musical is to "bring Vincent van Gogh's works to life in a non-traditional way". The musical will tell the full story of his life, including his struggle with mental illness (and the moment that culminated in him slicing his ear off!) Casting for the role of van Gogh is still happening. (But if it were up to me, it'd totally be Hugh Laurie.)
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More reasons to go to Amsterdam. This sounds so cool!
@danidee I'll admit, I laughed!
This seriously sounds like the best thing ever!
Is this going to be a The Producers humor kind of thing? If so, I would love it!
@hikaymm I have no idea! That'd be absolutely awesome if it were. I love that kind of humor!