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Carnegie Mellon University was ranked #1 in US News & World Report's Best Grad Schools list. Here are some great ideas that came from Carnegie Mellon SCS: Artificial Intelligence, Multi-core processors, Tutoring machines, Speech recognition, emoticons, User interfaces, Computer chess, Java, and more Location: Pittsburgh, PA Notable Alumni: James Gosling (Developed Java) Undergrad Programs (BS): Computer Science, Computer Science and Arts, Music and Technology, Computational Biology Masters Programs (MS): Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology Strategy, eBusiness Technology, Embedded Software Engineering/Management, and more... Doctorate Programs (PhD): Computer Science, Computer Science/Neural Basis of Cognition, Algorithms Combinatorics and Optimization, Software Engineering, Language and Information Technologies, and more... Website: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/
Pittsburgh represent! Haha :) I went to Univ. of Pittsburgh (and not for CS, but that's another story). Thanks for introducing a really awesome college!!
@AgentCory Cool! Glad you found this useful
This is really useful, thanks @csgeek! I don't have to start planning yeeeeet but my time will come soon ><
I was considering CMU when I was applying for undergrad. This is really great info :)