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People have no idea how kpop makes me feel. When I wake up and go to sleep, I always listen to kpop. Kpop maybe music to others, but it makes me feel alive and happy - besides God because he does that for me. He is number one in my book. Thanks to God he gave me kpop and kpop keeps saving my life. KPOP gave me amazing people to talk to or make friends with or take me to another world that I never knew. As I type this while tears are about to fall down my face. I knew kpop helps me make my dreams or goals come true since my idols did it, so can I. That is why I want to be a kpop singer or at least one of the entertainment, hopefully JYP or 1theK's trainee. I know being a foreigner in kpop is going to be tough, but singing songs with my future group that I write to my fans and inspire others just like they did. Then its going to be worth it because kpop means so much to me and I want to be a gift to others. Like the card says, Music has no language barrier!
You took the words right out of my mouth. Kpop is so much more than music, its a community :)