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__________Marvels Not to be confused with The Avengers (if you aren't super familiar with comics), Marvels was a book that took a different approach to heroes. Instead of the story being about a hero, it's about Phil Sheldon who's just a normal guy, a photographer, who goes around being skeptical and eventually accepting of superheroes (what he calls Marvels). This would make a really cool game bc it could be about surviving all the crazy things that happens and snapping pictures of them. __________Guardians of the Galaxy Does this even need an explanation?! Well I guess... basically if you didn't watch the movie and don't know who the Guardians are, they're the "backup" heroes when the Avengers are busy (best example is an episode of season 2 of Earth's Mightiest Heroes). They're just as boss as Cap or Hulk, but usually get over looked. __________Doctor Strange There's rumors of a movie so it's totally time for a video game too! Doctor Strange would be a sweet focus for a game bc his powers are magical, not strength or science so a game would be focused on a like "Sorcerer Supreme" kinda thing. __________Cloak and Dagger YES YES YES! I freaking love these two and the dynamic works perfectly as a game (best co-op ever!). There's also a lot of potential for game mechanics with their powers. __________She-Hulk Tbh idk why people seem to hate on She-Hulk when she's such an awesome character, and even Stan Lee really likes her. The idea of a like Ace Attorney style game starting Jennifer Walters is actually amazing and would also bring an awesome female hero into the spotlight. __________Fantastic Four Not really revolutionary or anything, but this foursome of awesome heroes would be an excellent co-op game. Also each of the four characters has distinct, cool powers that compliment each other and make it an awesome team dynamic. __________Franklin Richards In case you don’t know, this is Reed and Susan’s son aka the son of Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman. Now we’ve got that covered he’s make an awesome game hero where the player could decide how to play the character (good or evil). There’s a lot of potential with Franklin imo and it’d be a sweet game. __________Immortal Iron Fist This was one I didn’t know anything about so I looked it up and I have to agree that it would make a really cool game. Basically it’s about martial arts, which obv would make really cool mechanics maybe similar to Arkham. __________Planet Hulk Honestly I just want more Hulk things. Movies. Shows. Games. Everything. Planet Hulk would be a cool game bc it puts the Hulk in a really different world that comes with it’s own problems (some are the same that he’d have anywhere, some are different). __________Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane It’s kinda dumb but I do kinda love it. Peter Parker and the gang all in high school dealing with life and all that stuff, while also you know saving the city from bad guys. It’d be a cool way to appeal to a different audience (not just comic fans, but draw people in with the characters).
@DanWest Yes sir lol
what? never heard of She-Hulk? I need you to take care of that, now. LOL
I've never even heard of She-Hulk, but it sounds awesome!