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the good news is that panda and hedgehog finally kiss..and the bad news is that hedgehog, being drunk, kisses some other girl thinking she's panda.. what will happen? misunderstandings...did anyone see ep 9? if someone did..please update me about the turn in events!!
ok.. on second thoughts..that scene with donghae kissing someone else.. that could be donghae reminiscing his past..when he was like a stray cat ..wild and a little bit of a bad boy..they showed in the preview that he said he doesn't deserve panda and in ep 10 preview panda crying..maybe it is all because of the past..he won't cheat on her..well then..that's my optimism!!
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hedgehog don't kiss another girl, that's panda thinking that he might be doing that. panda kiss hedgehog at the end of the ep
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@cynthiamlasalle really? that was in ep 9?? thanks.. you just made me all smiles :)
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