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i just watched the first two episodes..and the only feeling that has struck me is sadness.. maru is highly wronged..and so is eunki.. both of them loved someone dearly and staked their lives for them..only to be repaid with betrayal..what did their sacrifice demand? simply love..was it that difficult to pay? how can you abandon a person who gives up on his sister, career and his life for you? how can people be so cruel and selfish? how can money be so important.. jaehee destroyed maru.. from an aspiring doctor to a heartless walking dead.. she killed his emotions..and same with eunki.. she took blame for someone else..and was stabbed in the back.. now she's cold and calculative.. is anybody else feeling the same anger as me? can these two hurt souls heal each other or will they deepen each other's wound?
@anikdharmawan same here
Addict kdrama....cant wait to see the more episodes
let's see what's in store
@neaa, that goes for me too, hate sad endings so i try to think positive..heheh.. but there's a big chance that maru and eun ki will be happy here.. jakaman, she has heart disease right? oh well, a tear jerker, sure it is, but wish they could be together even for a little while... will continue to watch this coz SJK is great here and the first serious role that he have ever been... love the three main leads...
@marlak somewhere deep inside even i have the same feeling but i don't wanna accept.. i hate sad endings..and i tendto avoid it..but i don't know why i want to watch this drma ..may be because of SJK.. i know it's destined to make me cry.....
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