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I....I'm honestly shocked. If you're a Bones fan and haven't yet watched this season's premiere, please stop reading and go watch it right now or I will spoil it for you. Check out what the cast has to say about that character going; It's definitely going to be a sad next episode, too. (Ep 2 is called "Lance in the Heart," by the way....) I never thought I'd have to see Sweets in a body bag. I'm....he finally got to use that siren. I don't want to think about his death more because I feel like I've lost a close friend, so instead, here is a tribute to some great Sweets moments. Check out some of my favorite Sweets moments in the other images. Lance Sweets, you will be seriously missed!!
I've only watched the show sporadically but this is very sad to hear.
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I stopped watching this show the season before she got pregnant. So much has happened since! Ah!
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It's so sad :,(
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