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Bones Cast Farewell Tribute to [Spoiler!]
I....I'm honestly shocked. If you're a Bones fan and haven't yet watched this season's premiere, please stop reading and go watch it right now or I will spoil it for you. Check out what the cast has to say about that character going; It's definitely going to be a sad next episode, too. (Ep 2 is called "Lance in the Heart," by the way....) I never thought I'd have to see Sweets in a body bag. I'm....he finally got to use that siren. I don't want to think about his death more because I feel like I've lost a close friend, so instead, here is a tribute to some great Sweets moments. Check out some of my favorite Sweets moments in the other images. Lance Sweets, you will be seriously missed!!
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I've only watched the show sporadically but this is very sad to hear.
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I stopped watching this show the season before she got pregnant. So much has happened since! Ah!
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It's so sad :,(
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