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Star Wars has been an influential and inspirational part of modern media for nearly 40 years now, and with an eighth film on the way in 2015, creator George Lucas has curated a book of exquisite Star Wars art including concept art, promotional images, and more. Here is a small selection of the book. ● Final painted artwork for Star Wars “Poster 1”, 1976 by Howard Chaykin. ● Black-and-white concept treatment for Star Wars style “A” theatrical one-sheet, 1977 by Tom Jung. ● Final painted artwork for Star Wars 10th Anniversary poster, 1987 by Drew Struzan. ● Black-and-white concept treatment for Revenge of The Jedi poster, c. 1982 by John Alvin. ● Final painted artwork for The Empire Strikes Back Radio Drama poster, 1982 by Ralph McQuarrie. ● Black-and-white concept treatment for Revenge of the Sith poster, 2005 by Drew Struzan. ● Star Wars, 2010 by Olly Moss. Limited-Edition Mondo Screen Print ● Skywalker, 2009 by Tsuneo Sanda. ● Cruise the Galaxy, 2011 by Steve Thomas. Limited-edition giclee print for Acme Archives. ● Star Wars Art: Posters by LucasFilm Ltd (Abrams).
I love the 7th mock movie poster.
So great! I love Star Wars. I have a whole collection of Lando Calrissian action figures from random flea markets I've attended. He's my favorite character!
These are totally awesome! I love the picture of Yoda!