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Sweets lives on! I'm going to resort to only using these reaction gifs for the time being; I can't let him go!!! 1. "Come on!!!" Perfect for when you can't believe that just happened (Bones writers, I'm looking at you.) 2. "Yes!" Because we all have to be sure sometimes. 3. "Beg your pardon?" Great for expressing total disbelief, and in some cases, annoyance. 4. "...." How I feel post Bones season premiere. RIP. 5. "*sigh*" Sometimes, you don't need to say a thing. 6. "Come on." Young Sweets edition. I think this one says "you know you want it." 7. Creepy Grin. Perfect for convincing a friend to do something they know is a bad idea. 8. Eating I think it says "Leave me to my food." Open for other interpretations. 9. "That's Sad" Again....RIP. Good for really, really horrible news. Or really, really depressing season premieres. Stay strong bone heads! 10. "You're nuts." The next time your friend proposes you get tacos from the sketchy stand on that sketchy avenue, remind her of what happened last time, and politely tell her that she's insane. Because you're clearly qualified.
@AgentCory Indeed. Sigh.
Perf, a moment of silence for Sweets perfection