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What do you think? Having millions of fans it is possible to be alone?
I think what made him this lonely is the fact that he is so famous , For any body of us it's so difficult to find true love although we live ordinary life style, so what about him living that busy rushed life with millions of fans and so many false people to deal with ! I'm just praying that someday he will announce his engagement or a real relationship with a good girl :'( poor oppa
Love the song!
Lonely? hum???? I think that he has a girlfriend already and is keeping it private. It's a possibility. Who knows, well hope he can find his true love soon if he is truly lonely. FIGHTING!!! ^_^
I agree with you Marlak!
impossible,,, theres always camera taking videos and pictures, poor oppa dont have privacy.. i guess your too famous,, =) love you'
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