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Here are ten of the most memorable Disney princess hair styles ranked from best to worst. 10. Rapunzel, Tangled Her hair is absolutely gorgeous (and being magical has it's perks!) but it's way too high maintenance. to be practical! 9. Snow White Classic and simple, but boring and kind of stiff. 8. Tiana, Princess and the Frog After so long waiting for an African-American princess I really think they could have done more with her hair. It’s fine, but not outstanding. 7. Anna, Frozen Her simple braids are nice, but the platinum steak (while important for the character and story) are a bit much. 6. Belle, Beauty and the Beast Simple doesn’t always mean boring (Snow?). Belle’s timeless waves frame her face perfectly and the look transitions from day to night with ease. 5. Elsa, Frozen The moment where Elsa literally lets her hair down is truly magical and her style is perfect. 4. Merida, Brave Unlike Rapunzel who’s hair gets in her way Merida never lets her gravity defying curls stop her from doing whatever she sets her mind to. 3. Jasmine, Aladdin Easily the most beautiful ponytail in Disney history, and also the most impressive! 2. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty Aurora’s curls define perfect, and their softness is the perfect contrast to her classic angular character design. 1. Ariel, The Little Mermaid Underwater of course, her hair takes on a life of it’s own that adds to her personality. Perfectly flowing locks in that brilliant red define Disney princess hair!
@Sjeanyoon wow you must have some impressive curls there!
I always loved Merida's hair actually, tho I kinda think if your hairs magic that totally outweighs how high maintenance it is
This is too funny! I think my hair is most similar to Merida's if I don't try to do anything to it in the morning hahaah
I'm like a halfway between Jasmine and Merida. So much hair with so many weird textures going on.
This list is like in reverse order for me. 10 should be number 1!!
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