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Stanford is another top school for undergraduates and graduate students interested in pursuing the field of computer science. Location: Stanford, California Notable Alumni: Jerry Yang & David Filo (Founders of Yahoo), Larry Page & Sergey Grin (Founders of Google), Jen-Hsun Huang (NVIDIA co-founder), Reed Hastings (Netflix Founder), William Hewlett & David Packard (Founders of HP) Computer Science Program Website: http://www-cs.stanford.edu/
I have a friend at Stanford for undergrad in CompSci right now! You can't beat the list of alumni...
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Right? Pretty inspiring. And it's close to silicon valley so even more appealing
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They recently started a joint-major program with English and Computer Science. Awesome! https://english.stanford.edu/csenglish
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@WordDoctor this is so crazy. ahhh. can I start college again?? :)
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@csgeek Me too me too!
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