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seo in guk has an amazing talent other than singing and acting... watch so you will know.. wow, amazing...heheheh.. i didn't expect that he can this... but he was great... hahah
totally... hahaha, yeah, i mean, his toes on my ears?
i read that too.. they must be really good friends in order for a guy to be able to do that.. until he's my best friend, if some guy puts his foot close to my face ever..i'll kick his ass (no offence)
@neaa... i don't thinks so, they're just super close with each other since AM 1997.. i read from somewhere that in a tv show she was asked if she could like seo in guk and she replied that, seo in guk is a lot different in real life than in the drama, answer me 1997.. one time he put his toes on eunjie's ear and says to answer her phone, that got all of them laughing... no romantic feelings at all just friendship i guess...
that look on eunji's face when he flips.. are they dating?
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