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1. He's really hoping you'll make a move first. Even if he likes you a lot, guys aren’t immune from being shy, introverted, or afraid to say hi and ask you out. Maybe he’s never asked someone out before, and is really hoping you’ll ask first. 2. He doesn't want to do it until he's absolutely, 100% sure you're going to say yes. If you’ve ever wondered if a guy liked you, rest assured he’s wondered the exact same thing! Asking someone out can be really scary, and wondering whether they’ll say yes only makes it worse. 3. He actually is afraid of ruining your friendship. If you’ve got a really great friendship with a guy, but he has more romantic feelings for you, he may be keeping that to himself for the sake of your friendship. 4. He just got out of a serious relationship. He likes you, but he’s still recovering from a serious relationship and isn’t ready to think about another person in his life. In this case, all it takes is some time and emotional support where needed. 5. He hasn't made up his mind about you yet. He’s figured out you’re interested, but he’s not quite sure. Maybe you have different interests, or it’s long distance and you only see one another occasionally. Whatever the reason, he doesn’t want to take the next step yet. 6. He isn't into you. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. 7. He likes you and that makes him feel all weird inside. He likes you and hasn’t realized yet. Maybe you aren’t his usual “type,” or he’s never liked someone the way he likes you. He’s confused and hasn’t defined what he feels for himself yet. 8. One of his bros called "dibs.” Just like woman have “sisters before misters,” if one of his friends likes you he may ignore his own feelings to avoid hurting his friend. Even if you’ve made it clear you’re only into him and not his friend. 9. Your ex is one of his friends. Once again, just like you wouldn’t date your friends ex until you were absolutely sure she was over him, guys will do the exact same thing. 10. He is just completely oblivious to the fact that you like him. Sure, it’s not a stereotype I like to play into, but sometimes it’s true that guys are just oblivious. Doesn’t matter how he may feel about you, he has no clue you’re into him. Either you’re being too subtle, or he’s just obtuse.
"too subtle v. too obtuse." that's honestly what it comes down to hahahaha
That's true with us
@timeturnerjones absolutely, it's why communication is so important!
@JiniJasper most of these are really true for a lot of people, men and women I think.